September 12 -14, Strasbourg


Come and meet IREPA LASER during ESPACE LASER, the European trade fair for laser processing in the industry of the future.

Discover :

  • Large parts additive manufacturing
  • 3D laser texturing

For more information about the fair, click HERE.

JNPLI Seminar

Held simultaneously with ESPACE LASER is the 2017 International Conference on Industrial Processing (JNPLI).

Don’t miss our experts’ conferences:

  • Frédéric MERMET – « Laser texturing for 3D functionalization »
  • Catherine SCHNEIDER-MAUNOURY – « Functionally graded materials with LMD-CLAD® - Application on Ti6Al4V-Mo »
  • Didier BOISSELIER – « Influence of manufacturing strategies on large scale parts (>1m) with LMD-CLAD® process - Application to the manufacturing of aerospace parts »
  • Ludovic KOUNDE – « Analysis and numerical modelling of the manufacturing strategies applied for the fabrication of parts with the LMD-CLAD® process »
  • Armel BAHOUKA – « LaserWeldCut : an industrial oriented MEMs process fabrication project based on laser cutting and laser welding methods for glass and semi-conductors »
  • Marion GSTALTER – « Femtosecond laser glass welding for micro processing »
  • Frédérique MACHI – « Technological comparison of laser and electron beam  for the welding of the shaft and turbo wheel »
  • Pierre-Alain VETTER – « Device for beam shaping »

For more information about the conferences, click HERE.



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