SLM process

SLM (Selective Laser Melting) additive manufacturing, also known as direct metal laser sintering, is a manufacturing technique consisting in successively melting layers of metallic powder in a chamber with controlled atmosphere. This is an additive manufacturing process in layers that makes it possible to simultaneously make one or more complex parts in the same chamber.


SLM additive manufacturing

The SLM (Selective Laser Melting) process consists in successively melting layers of metallic powder in a chamber with controlled atmosphere for the 3D manufacturing of mechanical parts with complex geometries.

This process is part of the selective laser sintering family of additive manufacturing processes.

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SLM process in detail


Selective laser sintering makes it possible to build complex parts that cannot be machined using conventional methods (metal foam, parts with optimised morphology, cooling/conforming cooling channels etc.)

This SLM manufacturing process is chiefly used in different areas of industry such as:

  • aviation (turbine parts)
  • space (supports)
  • defence (drones)
  • medical engineering (dental implants, prostheses etc.)
  • automobile manufacturing (F1, weight reduction, interior personalisation etc.)
  • sport


  • Possibility of making several parts at the same time
  • Possibility of making different designs in the same batch
  • Automatic process
  • Manufacturing of parts that cannot be machined
  • High resolution


  • Very high metallurgical quality
  • Manufacturing of single pieces and small runs
  • Automatic controlled process
  • The powders can be reused

Examples of applications

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