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3D surface functionnalization

3D surface functionnalization

A new 5-axis industrial machine and a femtosecond laser now operational at IREPA LASER. The research and development center specialized in laser applied to materials takes a new step towards the industrialization of laser processes for the industry.

IREPA LASER continues to deploy its Alsace 3D development plan. After the "Metal Additive Laser Manufacturing" (FAML 2020) program, the development center launched ISurf (Intelligent surface functionnalization) and recently equipped itself with a 3D 5-axis texturing machine for finishing operations. IREPA LASER continues to deploy frugal solutions to produce technical parts at a lower cost.

The arrival of this new machine, financed by the State Region Contract Plan, is a real added value for the treatment of surfaces. It allows IREPA LASER to propose to its customers the machining or the fine marking in 3D of metallic or polymer parts, on simple or complex profiles, without discontinuity. The precisions thus obtained are of the order of a micron and can be rendered virtually invisible to the naked eye.

Advantages of the process:

  • 3D machining of complex profiles,
  • Addition of material,
  • All materials,
  • Global or localized 3D treatment.

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