Specialist in laser processing
and materials

IREPA LASER develops innovative and sustainable laser manufacturing solutions and assists their operational implementation in the industry.

Additive mabufacturing

Our expertise

The laser processes developed by IREPA LASER meet efficiently a great deal of the industrial needs in terms of quality, speed, flexibility and cost.

IREPA LASER : a cooperative company of collective interest

As a cooperative company, IREPA LASER brings together associates from different backgrounds who are deeply involved in the company (employees, clients, providers, institutional partners). Its main missions are to strengthen industrial partnership, to offer clients turn-key solutions in ever shorter times, to reduce the introduction delay of innovation on the market  and to reinforce partnership R&D.

IREPA LASER is a technological resource centre CRT and a member of Institute Carnot MICA.

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Our partners

Acknowledged expert for more than 30 years, IREPA LASER has developed a partners’ network with the best specialists in research and innovation related to laser technology : professional organizations, engineering schools, specialized companies …

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