Additive manufacturing

IREPA LASER is a specialist of additive manufacturing (DED, SLM, WLAM etc.) and the creator of CLAD® technology. We offer an innovative and cost-effective approach for the manufacturing, repair or optimisation of your parts. Using advanced additive manufacturing technology and high-precision control and analysis systems, we design and make your parts on the basis of the required functional and performance criteria.

Additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing allows the construction of three-dimensional parts through the addition of successive layers.

Such manufacturing is used in different industries: aviation (engine parts repair, MRO), space, medical engineering (implantable devices), energy (components of turbines, exchangers etc.).

 Benefits of 3D printing

3D metal printing processes allow the designing of functional parts or blanks, and also repairs and the addition of new functions.
These systems allow substantial savings in the unit cost price and significantly reduce the manufacturing time. Material yield can reach 90 %. Fixed costs are reduced, as are production costs and lead times. These cost-effective processes also eliminate chips and different cutting fluids.

Benefits of the DED-CLAD® process

Manufacturing is tailored, with advanced metallurgical control of the deposited materials. No tools or moulds are used, and the design of parts is optimised for the processes to be used (CLAD®, SLM, combination of processes). The making of monolithic parts or with graded materials is rendered possible with the DED-CLAD® process with high construction speeds compared to other additive manufacturing technologies (SLM etc.). Further, the method lends itself perfectly for the optimum manufacturing of large parts. Lastly, the process allows the making of single productions and small runs with very high metallurgical quality of materials.

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