Alternance training course

The diploma training offered by IREPA LASER helps train your qualified personnel in the use of power lasers, and in the performance of studies on machines.


Higher degree in industrial laser techniques

In a leading-edge technological environment, IREPA LASER trains specialists in the use of power lasers and the management of technical studies on laser machines. The student employees follow high-quality training given by professionals who are experts in the use of lasers. They have professional qualification contracts and are paid throughout the course.

The course is also open to companies who are looking to develop the career of an employee through the acquisition of new skills and the securing of qualifications. In such cases, training takes the form of an alternance training course, with training periods at IREPA LASER alternating with practical application in the company.

Target public:

  • Holders of diplomas in technology, professional graduates or holders of technology baccalaureates with three years of work experience
  • Classes of 6 to 10 students
  • Selection based on credentials and interview
  • Sandwich course contract with a company


The students’ work and knowledge are assessed throughout the course. The degree is awarded following an examination and the presentation of an industrial dissertation.

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Alternance training course in detail


Theory modules

Metallurgy and Materials

  • Courses (40 hours)
  • Tutorials in Metallurgy (20 hours)

Photonics  (48 hours)

Workplace health and safety  (16 hours)

English (60 hours)

Business knowledge

  • Organisation and management of industrial laser maintenance (10 hours)
  • Project methodology and management (30 hours)
  • Economics and business management (30 hours)
  • Value analysis (4 hours)

Expression and communication techniques

  • Preparation of reports and dissertation (21 hours)
  • Presentation techniques (15 hours)

Bibliographical research and databases (4 hours)

Power lasers (80)

Laser safety (18 hours)

Programming/CAD (34 hours)

Quality (6 hours)

Practical modules

Industrial studies

  • Power lasers (280 hours)
  • Metallurgy analyses (64 hours)

Programming (52 hours)

Industrial laser maintenance (60 hours)

Preparation/formatting of dissertation  (54 hours)

Final project module

  • Research work for the dissertation (140 hours)


Practical information

Date : 17 September 2018 to 30 April 2020
Duration : 19 months


  • Managing a base of production laser machines
  • Devising innovative technological solutions
  • Leading development or investment projects
  • Driving and coordinating team work

Examples of applications

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