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With close to 50 technicians, doctors and engineers, IREPA LASER staff have become the go-to experts for laser technology. In order to help you upskill your own employees, IREPA LASER offers training in additive manufacturing, laser welding and surface treatment.

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As a member of the Carnot MICA Institute, IREPA LASER can rely on a network of over 550 researchers with very advanced knowledge in the area of material and surface treatment. Its expertise, industrial reputation and plant with over 20 industrial lasers allows IREPA LASER to train over 600 individuals every year.

Those learning or upgrading sessions are designed for those who are in charge of machinery, designing personnel, R&D engineers and laser machine operators. The training given by IREPA LASER is made up of a theory part, which is generally followed by practical exercises.

In order to guarantee high-quality learning, all the instructors are experts of industrial laser applications, who will gladly share their know-how and long experience with you in order to expand your knowledge.

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Laser process training in detail

Training in laser welding or additive manufacturing: a complete catalogue

  • Training in treatment and manufacturing processes enables your employees to improve their know-how of laser welding, micro-machining, building up and additive manufacturing. Such tailored sessions last from 1 to 4 days.
  • Control and quality training courses are ideal for extending the skills of your employees in respect of the adjustments and reliability of industrial laser systems, laser welding quality control and applied laser metallurgy.
  • Health & safety training enables your employees to learn more about the instructions to follow for laser safety, based on the qualifications of the individual.

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