Laser welding

With over 30 years' experience in laser welding of metals and polymers, the experts of IREPA LASER can provide solutions tailored to all your assembly needs. Laser welding is a localised contactless method, offering the welded seam unparalleled fineness and precision. The high execution speeds can significantly reduce assembly and construction times for all your industrial assemblies.

Laser welding

Laser welding of metals

Laser welding of metals is a welding technique that is commonly used in most areas of industry. IREPA LASER has modern laser welding equipment (scan heads, welding heads, relocation, seam tracking, process control etc.) using robotics to make high-quality, fine and precise assemblies.

Laser welding of polymers

Are you looking for clear-to-clear or edge-to-edge assembly of plastics? For fluidics applications or electronic encapsulation applications (sensors, housings, IoT etc.), laser welding of polymers is recommended. As an industrial research and development company, IREPA LASER has extensive expertise in the area of the welding of thermoplastics.

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