You are curious, creative, with a good sense of community, you will find within our multi-skilled team an ideal environment for your career progression.


Women and men working for innovation.

IREPA LASER’s team works in a leading-edge technological environment contributing to the emergence of new ideas and innovative projects.

The cohesion within the company, the natural sharing of expertise and experience, the strong involvement of the teams make them grow together in a pleasant working environment.

Discover the testimonials of our employees !

1 minute with Frédéric

Laser micro-processing project manager

“I am very proud to have a career which I am passionate even 20 years laser. It makes me feel I always want to do more …”

1 minute with Ela

PhD in robotics

“I choose IREPA LASER because of the projects. The true challenge is to bring something new that could revolutionize the industry of the future.”

1 minute with Vincent

Innovation and collaborative project manager

“What I like first at IREPA LASER, is the business dynamics, this desire to be always eager to try something new, but also the magic laser side and all that we can be do with it.”

1 minute with Julien

Laser process engineer

“This job gives me the opportunity to approach leading-edge technology fields that are usually quite inaccessible.”

Our motivations


Our mission requires to be creative and distinctive. It is a great satisfaction when a project is achieved. It gives you the feeling to play a real part in innovation. It is an incentive that brings motivation each morning when we start a work day.


The sharing of experience is capital at IREPA LASER. It helps for the co-creation on projects,  makes easier mutual help between co-workers and contributes to a good working atmosphere. Each success is the fruit of a whole team.


The company gives us the possibility to make experimentations, to test new things, to propose new ideas like the LEAN management and the introduction of eco-friendly actions. This contributes to create a favorable environment for personal development.


Technological challenge is a part of our job. Meeting the challenges and bringing the client an original solution is very stimulating.

Our job opportunities

You are talented ? Join IREPA LASER’s team.

We are looking for people that have a passion for what they do, individuals with commitment, who dare address technological challenges to bring our clients a unique solution.

You answer one of these criteria, send us your application to .

We will carefully review it and get back to you as soon as possible.


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