About us

IREPA LASER is an industrial research and development company specialised in laser processes and materials, with a laser machine base including over 20 devices to support all companies in their needs. We offer customers tailored industrial solutions to support them in their product development and manufacturing engineering projects. IREPA LASER is also a laser training centre and can train individuals in the use of laser technology.

Industrial R&D: research and development centre

IREPA LASER is above all a research and development centre, where advances are continuous particularly through the scientific assistance of 550 researchers from the Carnot MICA Institute. What is more, the targeted and personalised support of IREPA LASER provides our industrial customers – small and medium companies and large corporations – with thorough and tailored expertise.

IREPA LASER particularly collaborates with the Carnot MICA institute, pooling 17 research and development organisations: Nine laboratories and eight technology resource centres, with a total of 550 researchers, engineers and technicians and 246 doctoral students, with a turnover of €28 million in industrial contracts. Thus, IREPA LASER offers industry a complete research and development chain for the functionalising of materials, surfaces and interfaces.

A laser training centre to promote laser technology skills

With 30 years’ expertise in the area of laser technology, IREPA LASER has trained over 6000 individuals in the field.

The training packages offered by IREPA LASER chiefly relate to laser treatment and manufacturing processes, quality control and laser safety.

Besides, along with INSA in Strasbourg, IREPA LASER offers a diploma training course in industrial laser techniques lasting over a year and a half. As laser technology experts, our specialists will help you train your employees in the particularities of that technology.

A leading-edge laser machine base

The IREPA LASER machine base includes high-tech laser equipment ranging from 10 W to up to 6 kW, combined with multiple-axis machines, robots and micro-machining centres of the latest generation. In particular, it has lasers, additive manufacturing machines (using the CLAD® process), micro-machining equipment, 3D texturing machines, welding machines and other specific equipment.

Further, IREPA LASER has accurate and optimised equipment for the characterisation and testing of materials.


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Our services in detail

Studies & Industrialisation

  • Feasibility
  • Process development
  • Part design
  • Tool design
  • Optimization / Robustness


  • Prototypes
  • Pre-production runs
  • Pilot production

Consulting & Expertise

  • Technical assistance
  • Laser safety audit
  • Metallographical expertise
  • Investment support
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Our expertise

The laser processes developed by IREPA LASER meet efficiently a great deal of the industrial needs in terms of quality, speed, flexibility and cost.

Benefit from IREPA LASER advice

As a member of the Carnot MICA Institute, IREPA LASER has many high-quality partners and access to technological resources and knowledge that can be harnessed to serve your industrial projects. Our laser process professionals can support you in the designing and manufacturing engineering of your projects, and offer you investment advice.

IREPA LASER experts will help you put together projects, draw up requirements, investigate failures and solve problems through technical assistance services.

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