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Are you looking for a firm specialised in the development, engineering and adjustment of laser processes? You can trust the expertise of IREPA LASER. Our R&D centre works on projects for small and medium enterprises and large corporations alike.


Expert support

  • Technical assistance (on-site diagnosis, troubleshooting, laser machinery adjustment etc.)
  • Metallography expertise (defect analysis, technical expertise etc.)
  • Investment assistance
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Advice & Expertise in detail

Technical assistance

Technical assistance enables us to approach the industrial issues facing our customers, so as to offer the best possible response.

Our experts generally work on the customer’s site. We apply our operational know-how to find solutions for the issues encountered in the field. When we work on your machines, we replace your personnel to optimise the laser process that is in use.

Examples of services:

  • System operating audit
  • Tests and measurements on a laser machine in operation
  • Analysis of different functional elements (optical assemblies, nozzle, process, extraction etc.)
  • Adjustments of optical parts (laser alignment, alignment of mirrors in optical paths, search for focal point position etc.)
  • Laser process optimisation
  • Materials analysis
  • Development of procedures
  • Report of malfunctioning and recommendations

Examples of applications

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