Laser welding of polymers

IREPA LASER was a forerunner in France in the field of laser welding of polymers, and played an active part in the development of that assembly solution, with its many benefits including speed, quality, flexibility, precision and superior appearance. This technique is particularly suitable for the sealed encapsulation of electronic circuits.

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Laser welding of polymers

The assembly of polymers using laser beams is a method where the two surfaces are put into contact and fused simultaneously using controlled energy density.

Unlike the conventional laser technique, there is no need for colour or any particular additive.

  • New additive-free assembly process
  • Welding of transparent materials
  • 3D treatment of parts


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Laser welding of polymers in detail

What is laser welding of polymers ?

Polymer welding can sometimes be complex or impossible using conventional assembly methods (presence of circuitry, need for sealing, appearance etc.).

In that case, laser welding of polymers is one of the best alternatives. This innovative solution makes it easy to assemble plastics in a variety of configurations (clear-to-clear, edge-to-edge or conduction) by fusing together the two materials put in contact using a tool.

This technique makes it possible to weld transparent and opaque materials alike, with a perfect finish.

Plastic welding is used in many industries such as:

  • automotive (sensors, electronic encapsulation, fluidics etc.)
  • medical engineering (sensors, housings, bags etc.)
  • IoT
  • luxury goods

List of materials:

PE, PP, PA6, PA 6.6, PA11, PA 12, ABS, PC, PMMA, PEEK, PET, thermoplastic composites etc.


  • New assembly process with no additives or filler material
  • Welding of transparent and opaque materials
  • Process compatible with medical engineering regulations
  • 3D treatment of parts
  • Appearance of the seam



Laser welding of polymers offers many advantages from all standpoints. First of all, it makes for easier implementation and execution, thanks to the simplification of the geometry of pieces.

Laser welding produces a clean and aesthetic result, since it is contactless and welding is carried out from inside the part (so it is not visible). This welding process is very practical and adapts to a large variety of parts (flat or 3D). Laser welding offers high mechanical strength with reduced residual stresses, and allows sealing. The material is heated locally, so as to not interact with peripheral components.

The technique also provides an effective way to save time and reduce production costs.

  • Assembly of similar materials (composition and colour)
  • New manufacturing possibilities
  • Welding of materials with titanium oxide
  • Reduced costs

Examples of applications

Laser welding of polymers is used in many industries: medical engineering (instrumentation, medical bags, microfluidics), packaging (containers, film, packaging), luxury goods (bottles, caps, cases), aviation (multi-layer structures), automobile manufacturing (lighting, fluidics housings, honeycombs).


Laser welding of polymer linings

Laser welding of polymer interior linings on door panels.


  • No use of adhesive
  • Shorter cycle times
  • Invisible seams
  • High flexibility


Manufacturing of composite aviation structures

Design and development of a special composite laser welding head for a robotic machine that is the only one of its kind in the world. This machine, which is part of a state-sponsored applied research project bringing together Airbus, Astrium, Coriolis Composites, EADS and ECN, is intended for designing the aviation structures and space launchers of the future.


  • New possibilities for the design, manufacturing and assembly of composites, adapted for complex parts with large dimensions

The WOLF TP programme is funded jointly by the European Union.
Europe is supporting Alsace through the European Regional Development Fund or the European Social Fund.


Laser welding of polymer containers

Laser welding of elements in edge-to-edge configuration without the use of additives.


  • Appearance
  • Mechanical strength
  • Welding time


Laser welding of medical bags

Lasers make it possible to hermetically weld polymer elements with the most diverse geometries (tubes, films, plates etc.) in areas with limited accessibility.


  • No pollution of the encapsulated items
  • Tightness
  • Simplification of connectors
  • Automation, high speed

Our expertise in the laser welding of polymers

IREPA LASER has leading-edge equipment dedicated to the laser welding of polymers.

  • Diode lasers, fibre lasers and CO2 lasers
  • 3D scanner, robots etc.
  • Beam forming tools
  • Beam analysis system and process control
  • Designing and making of tools (CAD, laser cutting etc.)
  • Thermal analysis resources (pyrometer, thermal imaging camera etc.)
  • Characterisation resources (tribology resources, physical-chemical testing, SEM, X-ray diffraction etc.)
  • Failure analyses (tomography, spectroscopy, optical roughness meter)
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Today, laser welding is an operational method for assembling thermoplastics. The technology, which is fully mastered, offers a number of possibilities and addresses a multitude of needs such as speed, high quality, flexibility, precision and superior appearance.

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Soudage des matériaux plastiques

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