Laser wire additive manufacturing

The DED-CLAD®-w process consists in laser melting a metal wire to form a deposit with completely controlled dimensions. This highly productive technique is used to manufacture large parts up to 5 meters.
This new process developed by IREPA ALSER, is part of the DED (Direct Energy Deposition) family of additive manufacturing processes.


A hybrid machine, combining laser, wire and powder deposition, to produce large metal parts.

PAMPROD (Additive Manufacturing Processes – Productivity) is an industrial project coordinated by APERAM and IREPA LASER. It is financed by BPI, in the framework of a PSPC.

The Grand Est region supports the project and co-finances a 500 m² building. This will allow IREPA LASER to host the future prototype machine PAMPROD in its “Additive Manufacturing Plant”.

This hybrid machine, associating laser, wire and powder deposition, will be able to manufacture parts good on the first try, up to 6 meters in size and at unit costs divided by 3.

Bringing together 6 partners, the project – worth 7 million euros – will last 36 months. The first products are expected to be manufactured by 2021.

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Laser wire additive manufacturing in detail

What is it used for?

This new wire additive manufacturing technology allows the manufacture of large metal parts up to 5 meters. It can be used to manufacture functional blanks, add functions or repair large parts.
IREPA LASER is working on the democratization and simplification of these new manufacturing solutions through complementary and innovative approaches (digital chain, industry 4.0, artificial intelligence, process control, …).

As a Solution Partner of SIEMENS, IREPA LASER is also working on the development of new thermomechanical simulation algorithms, implemented natively in the NX software. The objective is to allow non-specialists and engineering departments to validate the manufacturing conditions upstream of a production run in order to guarantee the quality and the respect of the geometries.

This DED manufacturing process is mainly used in different sectors such as

  • Aeronautics (engine parts, MRO)
  • Aerospace (tank manufacturing)
  • Defense (structural parts)
  • Energy (turbine parts, exchangers, etc.)


  • Reduced manufacturing time
  • 100% material yield
  • Limited environmental impact
  • Less machining
  • Supply chain savings
  • Less parts flow


  • Excellent metallurgical quality
  • Production of single parts and small runs
  • Large parts (up to 5 m)
  • High construction speeds (up to 8 kg/h)
  • Multi-material manufacturing
  • Manufacturing of obsolete parts
  • Distortion control
  • Use of the right amount of material

Examples of applications

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