Multi-material additive manufacturing

DED-CLAD® additive manufacturing developed by IREPA LASER makes it possible to make FGM (Functionally Graded Materials) parts. Complex parts can thus be manufactured out of several different materials, or new alloys or parts with graded properties can be made.

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Multi-material manufacturing

IREPA LASER opens new vistas in additive manufacturing by developing new techniques for multi-material additive manufacturing. The DED-CLAD® process allows the making of FGM (Functionally Graded Materials) parts.

The team of specialised researchers has developed DED-CLAD® technology to allow the mixing of powders during the manufacturing process, thus leading to the construction of parts made up of different materials or the creation of new alloys.

Major advantages

  • Several properties in the same part (thermal and mechanical resistance, resistance to corrosion, low weight etc.)
  • Simplification of assemblies
  • Significant mass savings
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Multi-material additive manufacturing in detail

Functionally Graded Materials (FGM)

FGMs are materials where the composition varies gradually during the manufacturing process. The CLAD® process is the only additive manufacturing process that allows a variation of the powder mixture during manufacturing.


What is graded material ?

Graded material is a type of manufacturing that has been made possible by the DED-CLAD® process, to make parts with changing chemical and mechanical properties. The graded material is made by means of the differential injection of powders in a controlled fashion from several dispensers.

The FGM manufacturing technique allows you to:

  • Manufacture unique alloys (binary, tertiary or HEA)
  • Improve your parts by adding specific characteristics such as higher abrasion resistance
  • Add functions to existing parts
  • Assemble materials more easily
  • Optimise the making of your parts
  • Benefit from a wide choice of materials

Uses of multi-material manufacturing

Designing high-quality parts that meet specific resistance criteria requires true expertise. Multi-material manufacturing allows the making of grade material parts. That feature allows the production of parts that are optimised for your industry or application.

The manufacturing of FGM parts can be applied to a number of areas such as aviation, defence, space and biomedical engineering. These areas of activity require parts meeting specific criteria, such as high resistance to thermal variations, mechanical stresses and wear and tear. FGM manufacturing makes it possible to reduce production costs by opting for less expensive alloys, while retaining the technical characteristics of the part.

Examples of applications

Multi-material expertise of IREPA LASER

IREPA LASER has leading-edge equipment for multi-material additive manufacturing.

  • Advanced management of the chemical composition of depositions (FGM, HEA, direct alloys etc.)
  • CLAD® machines with five continuous axes and controlled atmosphere: < 10 ppm of O2
  • PowerCLAD® CAM software for 3D additive manufacturing
  • Fibre lasers from 200 W to 6 kW
  • Characterisation resources: X-ray diffraction, SEM etc.
  • Failure analyses: mechanical testing, NDT, chemical testing
  • Metallurgy testing laboratory
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