Laser cladding is a technique for depositing metallic material on the surface of a complex-shaped part in order to give it a new surface function, for example in order to prevent the wear and tear of mechanical parts. It makes it possible to repair worn surfaces.

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Laser cladding

Laser cladding is a technology that consists in melting filler material in the form of powder, injected through a coaxial or lateral nozzle, in order to deposit metallic materials in the form of fine layers on the surface of a substrate.

If it is different from the substrate, the new material gives the surface new properties. That is known as surface functionalisation by laser cladding.

If it is identical, the cladding process makes it possible to repair worn parts or parts with machining defects (recovery of off-sized functional parts).

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Cladding in detail

Optimise your parts with laser cladding

In order to prevent wear and tear in mechanical parts subject to high strain or to correct defects, the laser cladding process makes it possible to repair or functionalise targeted areas of functional mechanical parts. If the filler material is in the form of powder, that requires the use of coaxial or lateral nozzles. Consequently, laser cladding allows localised surface functionalisation by depositing fine metallic layers with low dilution and dense deposition.

Like metallisation processes, it allows the localised depositing of the most precious, strongest and most resistant materials. This type of treatment is effective, economical and saves on raw material.

The technique is also used to reinforce parts by adding new materials as required, delivered in the form of metallic powders and fused by laser (iron base, nickel base, cobalt base, aluminium, molybdenum base, copper base etc.). This process is part of the selective laser metallising process family.

The technique is accurate and flexible. It allows the possibility of adjusting the chemical composition of metal alloys to meet requirements, and depositing them in targeted areas. The technique may sometimes be implemented on parts with surface heat treatment.

Thus, it makes it possible to extend the life of used, damaged or defective parts, or limit possible surface attacks.


  • Longer life of parts
  • Repairs of used or worn parts
  • Repairs of high added-value parts
  • Adaptation of the nature of the material depending on strain (friction, wear and tear, corrosion etc.)
  • Localised mechanical reinforcement
  • Saves high added-value materials


  • Very low dilution
  • Dense depositions
  • Localised treatment
  • Low deformation
  • Improved surface condition
  • Large choice of materials available

Examples of applications

Cladding is used in different areas of industry: automotive (valves, cylinder heads, anti-corrosion coating), defence (arms), energy (drilling tools, turbine blades), aviation (dynamic seals, MRO), medical engineering (prostheses, implants).


Cladding of blades

Localised improvement of the mechanical characteristics of the Z profiles of blades.
Because the thermal energy of the laser is controlled, the integrity of the substrate is protected.


  • Management of the thermal impact
  • Reduction of dilution
  • Dense depositions that are metallurgically linked to the substrate
  • Automatic and rugged process


Cladding of valve seats

Our expertise in laser cladding

IREPA LASER has a machine base dedicated to laser cladding :

  • Numerically controlled cladding stations
  • Coaxial cladding nozzles developed and patented by IREPA LASER
  • Lateral nozzles
  • Robot
  • Fibre lasers from 200 W to 6 kW
  • CAM software for cladding
  • Manualcladding machine with a pulsed YAG laser
  • Powder and wire dispensers
  • Metallurgy laboratory
  • Metallurgy testing laboratory
  • Characterisation resources (SEM, X-ray diffraction, optical profile meter etc.)
  • Failure analyses (NDT, chemical testing, mechanical testing)
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Laser cladding and repair processes have grown considerably in recent years.
IREPA LASER has set up a department specialised in laser cladding, leading to several patents and innovations.

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