Additive manufacturing has to face an economic imperative which is to manufacture functional parts of large dimensions good on the first try (metallurgical quality, geometry, …).

IREPA LASER has developed new methods unique in the world of thermomechanical simulation for DED processes. Thanks to these new tools, it is possible to calculate very quickly the thermomechanical constraints from the DED additive manufacturing trajectories.

This information is decisive in the choice and optimization of manufacturing strategies and the control of dimensions.

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Thermomechanical simulation XXL scale additive manufacturing in detail

A fast and accessible approach to all

IREPA LASER is a Solution Partner of SIEMENS.

IREPA LASER works in close collaboration with SIEMENS to implement natively in the NX software suite these new simulation methods applied to DED (Direct Energy Deposition) processes.

The objective is to make these tools accessible on a large scale to non-specialists, to enable them to benefit from integrated solutions that guarantee the quality of the products, help in the choice of the most favorable manufacturing strategies and the respect of the geometries.



  • Part good on the first try
  • Advanced deformation control
  • Dynamic simulation (during manufacturing)
  • Residual stress prediction


  • Remove the risk from manufacturing strategies
  • Rapid iterations at the CAM stage
  • Based on actual manufacturing data
  • Continuously enriched by our DED experience

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