Lase safety advice and expertise

Are you looking to install laser systems safely in your laboratories and workshops? Would you like expert advice on how to make your systems comply with applicable regulations? Ask for help from IREPA LASER.

Secure support from laser safety experts

Whether your area of work is healthcare, science or industry, it is crucial to be very thorough around laser sources, particularly if their power class is above 2. With over 25 years’ expertise in the area of laser safety, IREPA LASER is a major player in industrial research and development in France. Our staff have the risk management know-how to make your company more aware of laser safety and provide you with tailored and adapted support when you incorporate laser systems into your workshops. Do you want to make sure if your systems are safe? IREPA LASER will help you organise the laser safety procedure in your premises, based on your working environment and laser safety standards.

Laser safety : IREPA LASER advice

In order to help you incorporate laser safety in your company, IREPA LASER can offer valuable advice before or during the development of your project. They will inform you of the risks taken by persons exposed to the use of lasers. They will recommend the collective and personal protective equipment to be used while maintaining your systems. IREPA LASER will help your raise the safety awareness of the personnel working near laser sources. The aim is to make sure that lasers are used without harming the safety of workers or that of the immediate environment. IREPA LASER will inform you of the working and maintenance procedures to follow. Wrong movements and negligence can rapidly lead to accidents, with varying degrees of severity. The specialists of IREPA LASER offer solutions (recommendations, training etc.) to prevent incidents.

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Our services in detail

Études & Industrialisation

  • Etudes de faisabilité
  • Développement de procédés
  • Conception de pièces
  • Conception d’outillage
  • Optimisation / robustesse


  • Prototypes
  • Préséries
  • Production pilote

Conseil & Expertise

  • Assistance technique
  • Audit sécurité laser
  • Expertise métallographique
  • Aide à l’investissement

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Our expertise

The laser processes developed by IREPA LASER meet efficiently a great deal of the industrial needs in terms of quality, speed, flexibility and cost.

Bénéficiez des conseils d'IREPA LASER

Membre de l’institut Carnot MICA, IREPA LASER dispose de nombreux partenaires de qualité et d’un accès à des ressources technologiques et des connaissances pouvant être mises à profit dans vos projets industriels. Nos professionnels des procédés laser vous accompagnent de la conception à l’industrialisation de vos projets, mais également vous conseillent en investissement.

Les experts d’IREPA LASER vous accompagnent dans le montage de projets, la rédaction de cahiers des charges, l’expertise de défaillances, ou la résolution de problèmes à travers des prestations d’assistances techniques.

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Our partners

Acknowledged expert for more than 30 years, IREPA LASER has developed a partners’ network with the best specialists in research and innovation related to laser technology : professional organizations, engineering schools, specialized companies …


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