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Audit and control of laser machines

We propose to conduct the analysis of your devices or laser machines prior to their implementation or start of production to check the conformity of your equipment.

After the visit of your facilities we make a detailed report to help you with the compliance of your equipement or to document your technical file. This action is focused on artificial optical radiations.

The possible control points :

  • Laser beam-tightness of the protective equipment (enclosure, housing, ...)
  • Classification
  • Laser source
  • Machine
  • Equipment lay-out
  • Technical specifications
  • Access
  • Protection against other hazards than optical radiations 
  • Collective and individual protections
  • Labelling and marking
  • Administrative provisions
  • Documentation
  • Accredition of personal (training)
  • Medical supervision of staff

For the measurement of the laser radiations (emission, laser beam-tightness,..) we use an OPHIR VEGA device equipped with different sensors adapted to the characteristics of each equipment.

Companies involved :

  • Laser source manufacturers
  • Machine manufacturers
  • Companies using laser machines
  • Laboratories
  • Show companies

References :

  • Decree 2010-750 of July 2nd 2010
  • Machine directive 2006/42/CE
  • Norm EN 60825-1
  • Norm EN 60825-2
  • Norm CEI 60825-3
  • Norm EN 60825-4
  • Norm CEI 60825-14
  • Norm EN 11553-1
  • Norm EN 11553-2
  • Norm EN 11553-3
  • Norm EN 11252
  • Norm EN 12254
  • Norm EN 207
  • Norm EN 208

Ensure greater efficiency for your devices

Analyze your laser systems and devices to ensure their effectiveness from the start of production

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