Surface texturing

Thanks to ultra-short pulse laser equipment dedicated to 3D laser micro-machining, surfaces can be textured on submicronic scales without modifying the chemical properties of substrates (athermal interaction) to achieve very high precision. Material effects (aesthetic, optical, sensitive and others) can be created or new properties can be obtained (self-cleaning, antibacterial, superhydrophobic, anti-icing, wear resistant etc.)

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Laser surface functionalisation

Surface functionalisation is an innovative laser technique for creating simple or complex patterns on surfaces.

Whether you want to reproduce artificial patterns or designs that draw on nature (shark scales, lotus effect etc.), 3D laser texturing is the method to turn to for working on the submicrometric scale.

This process is used in many industries such as watchmaking, defence, instrumentation, healthcare, luxury goods, and also the automotive, energy and ship-building industries.

  • Reduction of development times and costs
  • Control of friction, adhesion and wettability
  • Improved management of drag effects and turbulence
  • Creation of material effects
  • Improved control of sound effects
  • Eco-process


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Surface texturing in detail

What is surface functionalisation ?

Surface functionalisation is a technique that is used to give a surface new properties (aesthetic, physical, optical, mechanical etc.). This 3D surface structuring laser technique offers a range of benefits. In particular, it allows total freedom of machining. It can be used on all materials and does not alter the physical-chemical properties of materials. The laser texturing process offers great flexibility and is contactless and tool free. The method reduces development costs and lead times in a simple and effective manner. Laser texturing offers you full control of the friction, adhesion and wettability of materials. It makes it possible to have greater control over sound effects and better manage tailing effects and turbulence.



  • Reduction of development times and costs
  • Control of friction, adhesion and wettability
  • Improved management of tailing effects and turbulence
  • Creation of material effects
  • Improved control of sound effects
  • Eco-process


  • Total freedom of machining
  • Machining on all materials
  • No alteration of the physical-chemical properties of materials
  • Flexible, contactless and tool free

Examples of applications

Surface functionalisation is used in many areas of industry: aerospace (wings and engines), medical engineering (tools and implantable devices), energy (solar cells), ship building (hulls and propulsion systems), luxury goods (sensory perception), automotive (lighting, engines, personalisation).


Laser texturing of tyre walls


Laser texturing for creating material effects


Laser texturing for creating superhydrophobic surfaces

Pour l'automobile


Superhydrophobic surfaces


Wear resistance





The expertise of IREPA LASER

Leading-edge equipment dedicated to laser surface functionalisation :

  • Nano, pico, and femto lasers
  • Wavelengths 10.6µm – 1µm – 0.5µm – 0.34µm
  • 3D processing software
  • Precision laser micro-machining machines (3 to 5 mechanical axes)
  • Scan heads
  • 3D optical microscope
  • Wetting measuring (Drop shape analyzer)
  • Failure analyses (NDT, chemical testing, mechanical testing)
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