New laser safety booklet

New laser safety booklet

published on 05/03/2019

IREPA LASER is pleased to introduce you to its new booklet on the subject of laser safety.

The purpose of this collection is to raise the awareness of people who, as part of their function, regularly or occasionally work with a power laser source (Classes> 2) or a secure system (Class 1) incorporating a laser source of superior class to 2. The new regulations in force and in particular the decree 2010-750 of July 2, 2010 (transcription of the directive 2006/25 / CE) made it possible to clarify the rules of use of the laser systems in the industrial fields, medical, scientific and in the context of everyday life.

The content of this booklet is intended to inform about the risks associated with the use of lasers. It must enable the exposed personnel to determine the risks to which they may be exposed and to implement the means of protection necessary for their safety and their immediate environment.

The goal is to provide concrete answers to attitudes, habits or negligence that can cause more or less serious accidents. This guide has been produced by specialists in laser applications and safety. They participate frequently in awareness-raising, information and training on this theme.

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