Stripping and cleaning

Laser stripping (better known as laser cleaning) removes dirt and debris from the surfaces of functional parts. There are different cleaning techniques based on mechanical effects (plasma expansion with no substrate alteration), burning off or ablation (laser scraping technique).

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Laser stripping / cleaning

Protecting the integrity of a surface when it is being cleaned is a target that can be achieved with laser technology. There are different treatments depending on the nature of the materials, the material to remove from the surface and the degree of cleanliness required.

  • Keeps the surface safe
  • Contactless process
  • No solvent



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Stripping and cleaning in detail

What is laser stripping ?

There are different laser technologies for laser stripping and cleaning.

  • Plasma expansion stripping
  • Burn-off stripping
  • Laser ablation stripping

The equipment may be portable or incorporated into a production line, depending on the degree of automation required.

To identify the technology that is best suited to your need, here are the three fundamental questions to address:

  • What is the nature of the material to treat?
  • What is the material to eliminate from the surface?
  • What is the cleanliness requirement?


  • Keeps the surface safe
  • Contactless process
  • No solvent

Which industrial applications ?

Laser cleaning started growing in the 1980s, when it began to be used to clean the facing stones of historical monuments. The first industrial applications followed soon, with the maintenance of rubber injection moulds, and glassware.

These applications may be manual or automated.

Today, the use of laser systems for cleaning has spread to a very wide variety of areas. There are applications in the food industry to remove Teflon® coating from baking pans, and also for cleaning the pans. In printing, it is used to clean engraved cylinders. New applications are emerging in aviation and automobile manufacturing for laser surface preparation (laser stripping of paint, surface activation, cleaning before laser welding etc.)

Examples of applications


Laser cleaning of historical monuments

Laser cleaning of a statute in Thann abbey church

Advantages :

  • Keeps the surface safe
  • Contactless process
  • No solvent

Our expertise in laser stripping and cleaning :

  • Fibre lasers from 200 W to 6 kW
  • Diode lasers up to 2 kW
  • Numerical control and robots
  • Metallurgy laboratory
  • Metallurgy testing laboratory
  • Characterisation resources (SEM, X-ray diffraction, optical profile meter etc.)
  • Failure analyses (NDT, chemical testing, mechanical testing)
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