Laser hardening is a technique for treating surfaces with no couplant or consumable, in a few milliseconds and on a selective basis.

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Laser hardening

Laser hardening is a selective surface hardening technique that does not require an external couplant (fluid).

The surface treatment time is short compared to other more conventional processes. These operations last only a few milliseconds or a few seconds, and offer the possibility to obtain very fine and hard structures.


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Hardening in detail

What is laser hardening ?

The laser hardening heat treatment process is an innovative technique. Its advantages of this process are many.

Hardening is achieved without contact, directly on the external surface of finished parts, and can be applied easily to areas that are difficult to access, providing they can be reached by the laser beam.

Surface hardness can be adjusted accurately and the technique makes it possible to rapidly achieve significant increases in hardness. As a result, laser hardening is very often used to treat the surfaces of parts that are subject to high stress in order to improve their resistance to friction.

The power level may range from a few dozen watts to several kW.


  • Localised hardening of finished parts
  • Hardening of areas that are difficult to access
  • Significant increase in hardness
  • Better resistance to friction

Which industrial applications ?

  • Treatment of springs
  • Selective hardening of mechanical parts
  • Hardening of cutting tools
  • Treatment of mould edges

Examples of applications

Leading-edge equipment dedicated to laser hardening :

  • Fibre lasers up to 6 kW
  • Diode lasers up to 2 kW
  • Numerical control and robots
  • Manual building up machine with a pulsed YAG laser
  • Powder and wire dispensers
  • Metallurgy laboratory
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