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Principle of the CLAD® additive manufacturing process

The process of direct additive laser manufacutring (CLAD®) consists in melting metallic powders by laser to generate deposit with perfectly controlled dimensions. Material is deposited layer by layer to build functional technical parts. 

This process is used for :

  • Manufacturing of functional parts or blanks
  • Repair
  • Function adding


  • Costprice reduction by up to 30%
  • Shorter delivery times by 50%
  • Material yield up to 90%
  • Reduced fixed costs (no mould, no tooling)
  • Cost reduction and shorter lead time
  • ENo machining chips, no cutting fluids
  • Environment friendly process

Process advantages

  • Excellent metallurgical quality of the built part
  • Unit and small series production
  • Large size parts (up to 1500 x 800 x 800 mm)
  • High building speeds (up to 250 cm3/h)
  • Large range of materials
  • No mould, no tooling
  • Precise control of the deposited material
  • No material waste

Qualified materials : A wide range of metallic powders can be used : stainless steel, Ti alloys, Ni based, tool steel

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